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  1. Persuasive letter

    Dear Rose and Jeff [our marvellous prefects],
    I am writing in regard to inform you about how important social game, such as a gentle snowball fight, is to us children. My name is Amelia Bowen-Price; I’m a well-behaved pupil of Layton Primary School.
    Surely you would agree that, snowball fighting should be allowed to be played on the school field. Scientific evidence says that at different schools there are 70% of children have stronger arm muscles by playing these types of games.
    Don’t you think that Layton will be such a great school if children can have fun?

    I hope you agree with my permanent point of view.

    1. Well done for going home and practising your persuasive writing – you may add 1 dojo in class.
      To up level your persuasion, could you link your evidence to the reason that you have just discussed?
      Miss D

  2. A poem made I just for you,
    And believe it or not, it’s
    You are kind, helpful and honest,
    Not just like Miss domics!
    You are the greatest class I have ever had,
    And we always make Miss Dyer glad,
    Hey miss d,
    You sting like a bee,
    and you will always be there to save the day,


    As the little girl stared curiously out of the dirty window at the wonderful outside world, she wondered what it would be like to step foot on the shining, green grass that lay under all the concrete and houses that had been built.
    ‘‘Lily, I’m going to the shop do you need anything?” her mother called politely.
    Lily completely ignored her and carried on looking out the window.
    Her mother came stomping into the room and frowned at her in a furious anger, but the girl couldn’t be bothered to face her mother because she knew she was into a lot of trouble.
    Without a word her mother left the dark room.
    Lily could hear the creaking of the huge, oak door of the David’s house squeal it was like someone’s sharp fingernails were scraping a new black board. She waved as she watched her mother leave the dull front yard.
    At night Lily always heard little female voices coming from her wooden chest and today she was going to find out whose it was.
    As the weak girl reached the top of the wiry stair case she approached her chest of toys.
    Lily took a deep breathe and lifted the heavy lid of her toy box.
    And in the that box she found not
    Just toys, dolls and games
    but a FAIRY…

    M: akes us happy.
    S:upper at literacy
    S:upper maths

    D:ective like

    L:ikes everyone
    S:ience is great
    And that is why we love you miss dyer

  5. Amelia’s 100 word challenge!!!
    Sunday 23rd November 2014
    Prompt: It was dark and gloomy

    I looked outside my boring bedroom
    Window this morning, It was a dark and
    Gloomy and no body was out; I knew something was up, so I
    Ran into the cold, ruined, kitchen to look for my beloved Mama and Papa.
    They weren’t there.
    So I checked their bedroom
    Before I gave up. I ran and
    Scanned every single room looking for any member of my family. But it was no sine of anyone. I kneeled in the dreaded hallway with my eyes filled with sorrowful tears. All of a sudden a tall figure
    Loomed before the old, stained glass window…

  6. It was a miserable, rainy, Sunday evening; a full moon glistened in the stray night sky, echoing throughout the foggy clouds. I could hear werewolf howling in the darkness, it felt like the ferocious beast’s fur was brushing against my delicate skin, breathing rapidly; pushing my silky hair to the solid pillow.
    I felt threatened to the soul as I tried to dream for my beloved parents. I could barely move all I could do was listen to the constant ticking of my antiquated clock.

  7. All I want to say is well done Mollie and Ella D, in year five for competing for layton primary school in the cricket at Stanley park. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHERE WE COME!!!!!!!

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