5ld class tour

callum,Callum  a minion who likes bananas,

wesley obsessed with waffles,

lauren,lauren sweet as sugar,

amelia or Mildred Hubble choose your pick,

kelsey flirting with Connor at the sink,

oliver,Oliver scoring all of the goals,

scarlett or  Scarlotty always two names,

sophie.b quiet in maths,

Ethan always forgetting his guitar,

Lewis,lewis uni pug flying around,

Nicola tapping all of the time,

sophie.d losing her moan bone,

Corben,Corben so quiet no one has ever known,

Tyler,Tyler talking Texan

Reuben or slick rick you choose,

Tina,Tina being Greek,

Will tallest in the class,

mollie run everyone run feisty spice,

Jaydon,Jaydon having a French name,

Millie,Millie always been the favorate,

megan small and quiet,

freya,freya quiet as a mouse,

Ellie going off again,

connor sat with his girlfriend,

jamie eating all of the biscuits,

jaudi laughing all of the time,

geogia working in the corner,

Micheal or mikel take your pick,


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