Lovely Lauren’s poem!

waffle,waffle he eats waffles ,it’s waffle wes,


Ruby,Ruby,Ruby ,Ruby,

Kick the ball ,it’s the football,

Goergia,Goergia,quite as a mouse,


Konstan Tinaaaaaaaaaa,


Millie,Megan,Mollie,Michael ,Murphy,

Lovely Lauren,

uni-pugs gone again to the rescue,

Mildred huble secretly as Amelia ,

NicNac paddy wad give a dog a bone,

Minion Callum,

Moaning Murtle,

the ultimate gamer,

Skirty Mac no skirt,

what the gymnastics Scarlett,

sophie b so loud as a roar,

terrific taunt Tyler,

cool corben,

smelly ellie has trumped again ,

goerge or Georgina ,you choose,

sir will of the Hebden,

fluffy head,

fiesty spice,

handy andy!


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