Millie’s poem

waffle  waffle I see  waffle wes,

Their comes  the minion beado! Beado!

lovely Lauren sweet as a cupcake ,

In  the net Oliver!

Here comes moaning murtle moan alert !moan alert!

Ethans forgot  guitar again sorry!

corben  quite as a mouse,

flipin crazy scarlotty,


George georgina you choose ,

skirty mcno skirt on the chair,

Ellie more like smelly,

sophie b loud as a fog horn,

jack the game brain,

Nick Nack give a dog a bone,

unipug to the rescue,

sir will of the Hebdon,

fluffy heads returned,

kelsey the smiler,

mildred Hubble casting spells,

Reubens not rude he’s. Slick rick,

Connor Connor helping others,


Alan sugar trying to be Australian ,

the 4ms Millie , Mollie ,Megan ,michael


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