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Poem of the class!!!!

Amiela is secretly Mildred Hubble,Callom is turning as yellow as a minion,Conner Conner over there,fixing things every where!Corben,Corben is never to be heard,Ellie more like smelly!typical Ethen forgot guitar agein!Fray Fray is a brainy brain!George’s mission is to make every one laugh,Geogia,Geogia always on task!skirty mc nose skirt never wears pants(just skirts),Jack is known as the “ultimate gamer”,Jamie is a Jamay-Dover! J a d o n is that french?kelsy,kelsy kind and loyel,SPACE UNI PUG FLIYING THROGH THE STARS!lovly Lauren sweeter that sour,angryer than chilli and pepper it’s feisty spice!mewrit michel is now mikel,Megon is fun yet VEARY smart,Nick nak time to dance!who always wins football?it’s Oliver!stop slouching Rubie rube rubeei!scorlotty as graceful as air,SOPHEI B YOU’R GETTING LOUDER!!!sophie d smiling away,tyler freemen distracting the class,konstent Tina the ballett reener!Quick Wesly!gather all the waffles!Siur Will never off duty!


p.s miss dyer and miss law have one too!
The most wonderful and best miss Dyer!
The jolly and helpful miss Law!

my home word chalange

Hello my name is wesley
MY favourite song is all about the bass
My favourite colour is red is for dead so red
I go to primary school it is my school
my teachers are the best
miss law creates all of the decorations some times miss dyer
miss dyer is the learning teacher she is the funny one also miss law is funny
next my cool friend is millie,molly,will,george and more
my best lesson is is music and art.
read this

The dark haunted house!!!

As the terrorising door creiced open
Two little boys were going trick or treating
They thought it was a joke they tiptoed in
To the magic Halloween house
As it shived,they RAN they saw a ghost
Hanting the trick no treat house they was
Hiding for there life if there was 1
Single move they would be haunted…

I wanted to evaluate the monstrific haunted
House George was hiding under the bed of
Corse I was hanging on the door in a sceliton
Sleeping bag blood poord from the seeling (oh oh)
“Run for your life”! George said wesley run
From Wesley Austin

Mrs pepper girl !

They were once a girl named pepper she was wanting to go to pepper land where they were orange peppers, red peppers, green peppers she loves peppers . So pepper and I drove smooth down the road , when we got there guess what …

They was a huge crocodile crawling through the steep trees pepper screamed Ah Ah Ah

Pepper ran away and forgot the soft peppers then we drove home in the car speedily !