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The Ultimate 5LD Poem. Ooo!

The secret biscuit club
Tyler Freeman smack them drums into space
In the net Oliver!
The Ellie’s gone of again
The fluffy heads returned
The Uni-Pug to the rescue!
The SkirtyMcNoSkirt
Konstant Tinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
The moan alarms gone off again
Mildred with the moan potion
Miss Dyer the lovely one
Miss Law with the Gryls
Keep your eyes open, Frey Freys sneaking in
Micheal the chilled out dude
Millie Millie never silly
Fixing Tonto
Sophie B quiet as a mouse
Lovely Lauren sweet as sugar
Sir Will Of The Hebeon
Kelsey smile of the Bramley
George the giggler
Scarlet he hard worker
Fiesty Spice, no more Tyler
Jack in a box
The minions escaped
Ethan forgot his guitar again, sorry!
Georgia,Georgia quiet in the corner
Reuben The Lover
5LD a lovely class.

Georgia’s poem!

Lovely Lauren sweet as sugar,

Kelsey,Kelsey  flirting with the boy’s,

moan alert moan alert,

smelly ellie gone off again ,

connor,Connor  fixing the table,

corben  quiet as a mouse,

Ethan’s forgot his guitar , sorry!,

kontantina tina,

sir will of  the hebdan  standing proud,

milly,miss law’s favourite ,



fluffy head,


watch out feisty spice’s about,

oliver,Oliver scoring the nets,

Georgia ,quiet in the corner,

Tyler freeman,

uin pug to the rescue,


sophie,Sophie talking loud,

wes eating waffles,

chatting jack,


slick rick,

callum the minion.

Lovely Lauren’s poem!

waffle,waffle he eats waffles ,it’s waffle wes,


Ruby,Ruby,Ruby ,Ruby,

Kick the ball ,it’s the football,

Goergia,Goergia,quite as a mouse,


Konstan Tinaaaaaaaaaa,


Millie,Megan,Mollie,Michael ,Murphy,

Lovely Lauren,

uni-pugs gone again to the rescue,

Mildred huble secretly as Amelia ,

NicNac paddy wad give a dog a bone,

Minion Callum,

Moaning Murtle,

the ultimate gamer,

Skirty Mac no skirt,

what the gymnastics Scarlett,

sophie b so loud as a roar,

terrific taunt Tyler,

cool corben,

smelly ellie has trumped again ,

goerge or Georgina ,you choose,

sir will of the Hebden,

fluffy head,

fiesty spice,

handy andy!



Watch the minion Callum,
Miss laws favourite “Millie”
Sit down big c,
Watch out the boss about,
Wes likes waffles,wes likes waffles,
Ethan forgot guitar again “sorry”,
Smelly Ellie in the corner,
Giggle their giggle that,
Mickel the geazer,
Jammy dodger eating all the biscuits,
Georgia Georgia quite in the corner,
Frey Frey,
Minnie muffy Megan,
Jay-don with great ideas,
Moan alert moan alert,
Mollie not the bossy one,
Will becoming the tall one,
Jack in the box
Niknak tapping away on the floor,
Score Oliver score,
Mildred making meanless potions,
Lovely Lauren sweet as sugar,
Stop flipping crazy scarlotty,
Flirting with the Kelsey,
Speak louder Sophie b,
George dressed as georgina,
Konstant Tinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,
Quite as a mouse Corben,
Uni pug to the rescue.

Magnificent Michaels poem

Callum’s slowly turning yellow

Ihear waffles I hear wes

gaol scoring football playing its Oliver

Loveley lauren sweet as a cupcake

magnificent mickel

george is secretly a girl

smelly Ellie gone of again

gymnast scorlotty

look out feisty spice about

mildred Hubble making potions

jamie dodger eat eat eat

unipug to the rescue

sir will standing tall

here comes Tyler freeman

sorry forgot guitar again

miss  bramley always flirting

handy Andy fixing things

Nic nak perfect princess

Konstan tinaaaaaaaaaa



My Memory’s 😊

1.My favourite memory is that Miss Law has secret biscuit club,but it’s not a secret anymore Miss Law !

2.Next one that my dojo monster is called skirts mc no skirt 😝!

3.Is everyone just being at school,and having fun ! 😃

i don’t want to leaveeeeeeeee😫