Georgia’s poem!

Lovely Lauren sweet as sugar,

Kelsey,Kelsey  flirting with the boy’s,

moan alert moan alert,

smelly ellie gone off again ,

connor,Connor  fixing the table,

corben  quiet as a mouse,

Ethan’s forgot his guitar , sorry!,

kontantina tina,

sir will of  the hebdan  standing proud,

milly,miss law’s favourite ,



fluffy head,


watch out feisty spice’s about,

oliver,Oliver scoring the nets,

Georgia ,quiet in the corner,

Tyler freeman,

uin pug to the rescue,


sophie,Sophie talking loud,

wes eating waffles,

chatting jack,


slick rick,

callum the minion.

Lovely Lauren’s poem!

waffle,waffle he eats waffles ,it’s waffle wes,


Ruby,Ruby,Ruby ,Ruby,

Kick the ball ,it’s the football,

Goergia,Goergia,quite as a mouse,


Konstan Tinaaaaaaaaaa,


Millie,Megan,Mollie,Michael ,Murphy,

Lovely Lauren,

uni-pugs gone again to the rescue,

Mildred huble secretly as Amelia ,

NicNac paddy wad give a dog a bone,

Minion Callum,

Moaning Murtle,

the ultimate gamer,

Skirty Mac no skirt,

what the gymnastics Scarlett,

sophie b so loud as a roar,

terrific taunt Tyler,

cool corben,

smelly ellie has trumped again ,

goerge or Georgina ,you choose,

sir will of the Hebden,

fluffy head,

fiesty spice,

handy andy!



Watch the minion Callum,
Miss laws favourite “Millie”
Sit down big c,
Watch out the boss about,
Wes likes waffles,wes likes waffles,
Ethan forgot guitar again “sorry”,
Smelly Ellie in the corner,
Giggle their giggle that,
Mickel the geazer,
Jammy dodger eating all the biscuits,
Georgia Georgia quite in the corner,
Frey Frey,
Minnie muffy Megan,
Jay-don with great ideas,
Moan alert moan alert,
Mollie not the bossy one,
Will becoming the tall one,
Jack in the box
Niknak tapping away on the floor,
Score Oliver score,
Mildred making meanless potions,
Lovely Lauren sweet as sugar,
Stop flipping crazy scarlotty,
Flirting with the Kelsey,
Speak louder Sophie b,
George dressed as georgina,
Konstant Tinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,
Quite as a mouse Corben,
Uni pug to the rescue.

My Memory’s 😊

1.My favourite memory is that Miss Law has secret biscuit club,but it’s not a secret anymore Miss Law !

2.Next one that my dojo monster is called skirts mc no skirt 😝!

3.Is everyone just being at school,and having fun ! 😃

i don’t want to leaveeeeeeeee😫

Sad day :(

As we all know,next week is out last week as a year 5 and being with Miss Dyer and Miss Law:(and were going to miss them loads! So here are a few words 🙂 you both highlight the day for me.No other teachers has ! I don’t want to leave you both.But we have too ! 🙁 I’m going to miss you both and so are the others!:( let’s hope our year 6 teacher is nicer than you both ! I’m only kidding , know one will ever be as nice and lovely as you both ! 🙂 I don’t want to leave year 5 ! IN FACT I DONT WANT TO GROW UP ! 🙁 but by the time you know it , all of us will be leaving primary 🙁 I don’t know what I will do with myself then ! 🙁 I love you both as out teacher ! 🙂 🙁 DONT GOOOOOOO ! Were all going to miss you both ! 🙁 p.s remember to be updated with us ! 😀