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100 word challenge week 32

This picture is a great inspiration to our class let me explain why…
It all started when this little person who was hiking up this great unspeakable stump!
On the way up this stump came loads of obstacalls like slimy moss and sticky sap what was somehow leaking out of this tree. But on the way up there was all these obstacles what was not going to stop me. Then came at the top of my unimaginable stump was a hawk looking eagle eyed monster which was glaring at me while eating this food.
It looked like it wanted me.

100 word challenge week 30

One morning I woke up in my bed
Then I got up and had some cornflakes with my bread
Then the evil witch called mum shouted and said were going to the zoo in an exciting voice
Later when I was still snoring away she bellowed and said it’s your choice
When we got to the zoo I seen lots of animals what looked like my brother
One was a monkey I looked like the lion the tallest but then we see another
This one was doing an ape dance and playing the drums it was crazy like my brother.

Your blogs

Hi 5LD – I’ve really enjoyed reading your 100 word challenges! Some of you have used a good mixture of long and short sentences to create suspense; well done!

Remember – if you write your 100 word challenge, click on your name under ‘Our own blogs’ before you publish and NOT on ‘General News’. If you do this you will then be able to enter your writing into the 100 word challenge with Mrs Skinner each week.

Mrs Jones πŸ™‚