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We have to move on.

It’s sad that we’re going to year 6 but we will not forget our memorys ; there locked inside and we will always remember Miss Dyer or miss law.

However,Miss Dyer or Miss Law have a chance of being our year 6.even if they’re not they are still in this school.We will miss you.

Listen to our jingles…

Your blogs

Hi 5LD – I’ve really enjoyed reading your 100 word challenges! Some of you have used a good mixture of long and short sentences to create suspense; well done!

Remember – if you write your 100 word challenge, click on your name under ‘Our own blogs’ before you publish and NOT on ‘General News’. If you do this you will then be able to enter your writing into the 100 word challenge with Mrs Skinner each week.

Mrs Jones 🙂